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Going Beyond Single-Origin

Guatemala was the first origin country to differentiate and amplify coffee growing regions. Each region has its own microclimate, soil profile, elevation and more. This allows the coffee lover to be able to detect and enjoy the concentrated and specific notes of each region.

We have lived in various coffee-growing regions and have enjoyed each region fresh from the coffee farms. It has been our passion detecting flavor notes between farms and regions and selecting and creating a collection of the most incredible flavors. 


Here are some of Maya Organica's favorite coffee-growing regions of Guatemala:



Flavor Profile: Full-body, chocolate, floral, medium/low acidity

Roast and Use Recommendations: Antigua coffee beans have one of the widest roast ranges. Antigua makes an excellent light roast espresso for use without milk. Medium roast Antigua is great for Americanos and a medium dark roast is perfect for drip. However, our favorite way to have Antigua beans is to roast them darker for espresso and milk based drinks--especially iced. Buy Antigua!

Region profile:

Temperature: 64 - 72ºF

Rain: 32 - 48 in

Humidity: 65%

Elevation: 5000 – 5600

Antigua is an ancient Mayan city nestled in a valley between three volcanoes and the cultural capital of Guatemala. Coffee from Antigua is easily the most well-known coffee in Guatemala and the growers are true experts and treat every coffee bean with utmost care and craft. We love visiting these farms. The sunshine is consistent and the humidity is low. The soil in the Antigua region is rich in nutrients, from minerals deposited by Agua and Acatenango volcanoes in past eruptions and the active Fuego volcano still providing new mineral deposits. 


Flavor Profile: Medium to full-body, distinct, fruity, low-acidity, hint of nut

Roast and Use Recommendations: Coban coffee beans are extra dense due to the slower maturation in the rainforest, allowing a wide roasting range. A medium-dark roast is perfect for drip and manual brews while also blending well with milk. Buy Coban!

Region Profile: 

Temperature: 59 - 68ºF

Rain: 120 - 160 in

Humidity: 85 - 95%

Elevation: 4300 - 5600 ft

Coban is a tropical rainforest region and has the highest humidity with constant mist called "ChipiChipi" in the local Mayan dialest. Coffee beans are cultivated in soil consisting of clay and limestone--different from other regions. Coffee beans here have different maturation times and mature slower, creating very hard beans. Due to the unique climate, Coban has some of the most innovative, proud, and dedicated coffee growers producing some of Guatemala's best.



Flavor Profile: Full-body, spice, floral, chocolate, smooth

Roast and Use Recommendations: Atitlan has a versatile roast range. Medium roasted makes an excellent french-press or automatic brew. Darker profiles remind us of the flavors of typical Colombian coffee. Drink this region black with a slice of rich chocolate cake. Buy Atitlan

Region Profile:

Temperature: 68 - 72ºF

Rain: 72 - 92 in

Humidity: 75 - 85%

Elevation: 5000 - 5600 ft

Lake Atitlán is another volcanic rich region. 95% of Atitlán’s coffee beans are cultivated on the slopes of the volcanoes surrounding one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, making its soil one of the richest in minerals out of the five volcanic regions in Guatemala.

Additionally, coffee farms from Atitlan have some of the highest growing standards, with almost all farms being certified organic and fair-trade. Like most other regions, those that are not certified still do not use pesticides when growing their coffee plants. 


Flavor Profile: Full-body, cherry, chocolate, raisin, medium-high acidity
Roast and Use Recommendations: Huehue is versatile and does well in espresso blends when roasted darker. We love Huehue as a medium or medium dark roast pour-over! Buy HueHue!

Region Profile: 

Temperature: 68 - 75ºF

Rain: 48 - 56 in

Humidity: 70 - 80%

Elevation: 5000 - 6500 ft

Huehuetenango (pronounced weh-weh-tin-nango) is a very popular coffee-growing region often filled with fair-trade cooperatives, social programs, and organic certifications. Although this region is non-volcanic, this region has the highest elevation, has low humidity and receives consistent sun along with warm air from Mexico.


Nuevo Oriente

Flavor Profile: Light, smooth, bright medium-acidity, cherry

Roast and Use Recommendations: This region is best for coffee drinks without milk due to its light and bright profile. For those who enjoy straight espresso or macchiatos, any roast range works well. Americanos are especially delightful--very smooth and aromatic without a hint of bitterness. For use in an automatic drip or a manual brew, we would recommend medium-dark. Buy Nuevo Oriente!

Region Profile: 

Temperature: 64 - 77ºF

Rain: 72 - 80 in

Humidity: 70 - 80%

Elevation: 4300 - 5600 ft

Nuevo means new, referring to this area being a newer region of coffee cultivation from the 1950's. The commonly-grown coffee beans are pache, catuai, and bourbon with a generally rainy and cloudy climate. This region grows coffee on the side of a volcanic terrain with nutrient-rich soil that made from metamorphic rock.  

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