Far Cry 3 Lag Fix Crack
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Far Cry 3 Lag Fix Crack


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nDon't use bloom.nGet the best FPS with the minimum hardwaren1) Lower down the settings2) Use lower resolutions3) Stay out of post FX (Sometimes it will boost performance, sometimes it will slow it down) Also, adjust the AO settings:AA: -10, CA: -20 If you're curious about the engine, I recommend using the best shader profile available, namely FXAA. The game has a lot of bloom, so use HBAO+HBAO2+HBAO3 in combination with ORA=0.32. Also try HBAO+HBAO2+HBAO3+HBAO4 or ORA=0.28, but beware of some weird bugs with it. Try a lower resolution for some extra FPS. Some games don't have anti-aliasing, and even if they have AA, it can get really choppy in 4:3 ratios. Try the "Force Smooth Scaling" setting in the options. In general, I find that the FPS never drops below the level of the "Beginner's guide" title, as long as I play a standard game. If you want a game that will play the very same thing at a higher FPS, however, try the game modes Survival, Hardcore, or Symmetry. I understand you dont want my post to be closed, but the advice is very rough for the first run. It is not that I am saying its bad advice, but I assume your inexperienced at this so I would just like to recommend some sites to people who are still trying to get the first run done (most people will figure it out, but some people are going to need help for the first few attempts) That is all for now! Testers I have found for Far Cry 3: Stable is always good for a first run. SnA about 50% of the time if you arent planning to do anything super hardcore or highly end of line. Onboard Voodoo's Far Cry 3: SuperStable in the tester of its previous version (v3) Why would the test run not run for you? We have tested many games with default settings (Like a single test run with the settings all the way down) to get them to run optimally and when they don't we almost always get a "Bad frame render times" message




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