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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Organic & Top Lot

Lake Atitlán is another volcanic rich region. 95% of Atitlán’s coffee beans are cultivated on the slopes of the volcanoes surrounding one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, making its soil one of the richest in minerals out of the five volcanic regions in Guatemala.


Additionally, coffee farms from Atitlan have some of the highest growing standards, with almost all farms being certified organic and fair-trade. Like most other regions, those that are not certified still do not use pesticides when growing their coffee plants. 


This freshly harvested batch are organic Arabica with two of the best roasting profiles for this bean. These beans are top lot beans, or cream of the crop, from the Chochajau farm in Atitlan. 

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Organic & Top Lot

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Roast Level
  • Full-body, spice, floral, chocolate, low acidity

  • Atitlan coffee beans do well with a variety of roasts. In a light-medium roast, you are able to taste the spice, floral and a hint of chocolate. In a medium to dark, you can taste a dark chocolate note.

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