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Why Guatemala Cultivates

some of the

World's Absolute Best Coffee


Guatemala is one of the top producers of coffee the world and started producing coffee in the 1800s. Guatemala produces almost entirely SHB Arabica (strictly hard bean). Your local cafe very likely uses single-origin Guatemalan coffee as their default for espresso as it is full-bodied, medium acidity, highly aromatic, with complex flavor profiles. 

98% of Guatemalan coffee is grown under shade. Shaded coffee protects watersheds, reduce soil erosion, and recycles nutrients. Trees for coffee plantations help fight deforestation. Coffee forests represent 7% of the national forest cover, which protects the ecosystem.

Guatemala has a diverse and unique growing region, with a mild subtropical climate, high elevation, and mineral-rich volcanic soil. This has created the ideal environment for growing delicious coffee beans, with a geography that allows different regions to offer their own flavors. 


The expertise and nurturing dedication the indigenous Mayan community has provided has been recognized internationally by its quality and flavor. In 1889, in the Exposition Universelle in Paris, coffee from Guatemala received the highest award and again in San Francisco in 1915. Most recently in 2020, Guatemalan coffee has been awarded third place for the Good Food Awards in San Francisco. 

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