The Maya Coffee Club

The Maya Coffee Club will make sure you will always have freshly roasted Guatemalan coffee to your door, monthly or weekly. Joining a Maya Club is also the best way to know your coffee growing community and to help us consistently give back to our farming friends in Guatemala, through educational and professional scholarships and grants. Keep up with the monthly beneficiaries on our Learn page and Instagram. 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • The Maya Club

    Every month
    Monthly Support of the Mayan Farming Community
    • Never Run Out of Fresh-Roasted Coffee
    • Change Regions and Roasts Monthly
    • Makes 30 cups of coffee monthly (12 ounces)
    • Update your preferences anytime by email or chat
    • Be the first to try new regions
    • Support the Mayan coffee growers regularly
    • Free shipping
  • The Max Maya Club

    Every week
    Weekly: Maximize Support to the Farming Community
    • The most consistent support to the Mayan farming community
    • Get exclusive updates from the growers monthly
    • 12 ounce bags freshly roasted weekly
    • Free Shipping
    • Makes 4 cups a day, perfect for sharing
    • Update your preferences anytime through email or chat
    • Biggest discount on each bag of coffee
  • The More Maya Club

    Every week
    Smaller Fresh Batches of Weekly Coffee
    • Get 8 ounces of freshly roasted coffee every week
    • Get different regions weekly
    • Makes about 22 cups of coffee
    • Never run out of coffee
    • Customize your roast, grind, and region any time
    • Free Shipping