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Our Story
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Who We Are

Maya Organica is a passionate, family-run business working between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and central Guatemala. Maya Organica was co-founded by a local Guatemalan humanitarian worker, born and raised in Guatemala, and his family. In keeping with the socially-conscious spirit of the founders, Maya Organica was created to both share their love for single-origin regional Guatemalan coffee, while giving back to the Mayan coffee families and their community in effective, transparent, and meaningful ways.

Conscious Coffee

Our Values & Mission

Maya Organica aims to establish itself more than just the leading provider of the finest Guatemalan coffee beans. Our goal is to close the gap between the indigenous Mayan cultivators of coffee and your daily cup. 

We want to connect you to not only our regions, but to the community of coffee cultivators and their families. Behind every cup of incredible regional coffee are stories of human beings. Our goal is to connect the coffee lover with the cultivator. With your coffee, you will receive information about the region and the community. On our Learn page and through our Instagram, you are able to keep up with the real souls behind your morning cup of magic.  

Based on our career-long history of being both from the community and serving alongside local leaders, Maya Organica does not claim to be the solution. We aim to create a true community of coffee lovers, traders and indigenous Mayan cultivators, sharing knowledge about the process and the people involved.


From knowing first hand what our local community needs and from working directly with local leaders for many years, we are also able to provide effective support to coffee growing communities through educational scholarships, women's health and business initiatives, and basic vocational training programs for parents. 

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